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GONIAT Online home page

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The GONIAT Online home page is the entry point for working with the GONIAT database. There are two options for diving into GONIAT: Either browsing the database through one of the data hierarchies or searching for a specific record or group of records according to specific search criteria.


The column to the right gives some information about the database as well as a list of important links.


Browsing a data hierarchy




Click on the button 'Browse taxonomical hierarchy' to switch to the Taxonomical hierarchy page.




Click on the button 'Browse geographical hierarchy' to switch to the Geographical hierarchy page.




The search feature allows you to search a specific record or a group of records within one of the main GONIAT data sets Taxa, Literature and Localities. For each data set, a search mask is supplied which allows you to specify your search criteria. Each search mask may contain several sections, which may be combined for complex searches. An exception is the lowest section in each mask, which facilitates searching for a specific record using a GONIAT record id (TaxNo, LitNo or LocNo).


Search Taxa


If the taxa search form is not shown, click on the appropriate tab.




The taxa search form contains the three sections Taxonomy, Stratigraphy and TaxNo. To show the search fields for a section click on the plus icon (icon_plus). You can freely choose and combine the search fields from the available section to make up your search criteria. An exception is the TaxNo section, which can be used only exclusively. Hence, if its plus icon is pressed, all other sections will close. In the Taxonomy section, you may specify search criteria with respect to a chosen taxonimcal category. You may select a category from the drop down list box, where Genus is preselected. You can then specify an according name in the text field to the right of the category. Note, that it is sufficient to enter a prefix of the name. Also, GONIAT online will display a list of possible choices from the database, once a couple of letters are entered. If you enter more letters, the choice list will be adapted dynamically.



If you would like to select records from a specific Family, change the option box to Family. Then type Cy into the text field next to the Category field. The system will display a list of available families in the database that begin with Cy. You may now either select one of the proposed families or leave your entry unchanged. The following search will then include all families starting with Cy.




Once a family is selected, you may narrow down the search, if you like. For this end, the next line can be used to specify more exactly what you are looking for. Again the option field allows to choose a taxonomical category. However, only those categories, which is more specific than Family are shown. If we choose Genus, and move to the next field, we can display a list of all genera within the specified family by pressing the down arrow.




Since the selection list might be quite large, only the first 20 entries are shown. If the desired entry is not in the list, you have to specify it more precisely by entering the first letters.


After specifying your search criteria, press the button Start Search to start the search process. When the search is complete, the search results are displayed on the Taxa search result page.


Search Literature


To be done...


Search Localities


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