General Information

GONIAT database

GONIAT is designed as a tool for investigations of Paleozoic ammonoids, their paleogeographic distribution, and their biostratigraphic range. The underlying database provides not only determinations based on morphological characteristics, but also information on occurrence, duration, literature, and phylogenetic relationships of every taxon of family, genus, and species levels.


The development of GONIAT was initiated by Prof. Dr. Juergen Kullmann at the University of Tübingen. Over several decades he and his team have collected the scattered data, that is now available publicly through GONIAT online.

GONIAT was initially implemented with dBase IV. Later the frontend was reimplemented as Windows application and used Microsoft Access as database. The downloadable 16-bit Windows version of GONIAT is still available here.

GONIAT and GONIAT online were realized from 1989 through 2008 with the help of research grants from the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, KU 164/8-1 and KU 164/16-1).

GONIAT online software

The GONIAT online web application is open source and depends only on open source components. The source code for the GONIAT research frontend and the editing backend can be acquired by contacting info at goniat dot org.

GONIAT online is also meant as a reference system for biological and paleontological databases and as such is well-suited to be transferred to other fossil or animal/plant groups (see Technical information).


Hosting and technical maintenance is provided and sponsored by Software & Consulting Dr. Peter Kullmann.


The copyright of the data in GONIAT is held by the respective editors of the GONIAT database. The information in the GONIAT database is freely available for non-profit research and educational purposes. For commercial usage terms, please contact info at goniat dot org.

Please contact info at goniat dot org for more information.